Delightful 1Br/1Lr/1Bt/70㎡/4F Line1 Hengshan Rd/Line7/9 Zhaojiabang Rd
  • Property No.:JS010642
  • Layout:
  • Monthly Rental:
  • Size:
  • Location:
  • District:2018/02/06
  • Compound:Gao'an Rd and Guangyuan Rd

Property Type: Old House
Property ID: JS010642

Layout: 1Br/1Lr/1Bt
Floor: 4F
Price: RMB 9000(Including management fee)
Availability: Available for move-in now.
Address: Located at Gao'an Rd and Guangyuan Rd
Metro:5 minute's walking to Line7/9 Zhaojiabang Rd,7 minutes walking to Line1 Hengshan Rd metor station.


The reasons why you rent it:

1.Features modern decoration with good quality appliances,it has spacious livingroom,bright bedroom with balcony,open kitchen with oven,nice bathroom,Aicron,Smart TV etc.which really comfortable for living;

2.This house in the heart of the old town area,very clean and quiet,there has many cafe shops,health club,restaurants,hospital,really very popular location which is also close to Hengshan Rd;

3.The owner is a gentleman,who is very kind and enthusiastic to tenant.You just need 30minute's notice in advance,then we will take you to view it!If you determine to take it I will do my best to cut down the price and negotiate the best move in date & payment term for you!

Please DON'T HESITATE to contact me for a visit if you’re interested.
Send us your personal request and we will search suitable options for you within few minutes.

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