Our Services —  Services to Expats

      We at Move2cn are aware of the difficulties and hassels faced by relocating Expats. Cultural and language barriers makes the entire experience bitter. Although expat housing is in abundance finding the exact property is always challanging.Move2cn helps overcome this by providing relocation support and consultancy services before you actually arrive in Shanghai. Proffesionals at Move2cn make sure they are by your side through out the relocation process and provide continued support thereafter to make your stay as memorable as it would be anywhere else in the world.
Move2cn service to Expats begins with the following steps.

Step 1.  — Pre-Move Preparation

Move2cn Relocation support helps you understand
1. Shanghai's Property Market
2. Types of Housing,
3. Environment,
4. Communities,
5. Cultural Aspect,
6. Areas/Localitites,
7. Compounds,
8.Facilities etc.

Step 2.  — Understanding your needs

It begins by truly understanding your family's needs and preferences in terms of desired area, neighborhood, compound of interest if any, basic needs in terms of layout, interior, furnishing, appliances and accessories, additional features like terrace balcony, yard, patio, outdoor space. Facilities such as club house, pool, sports arenas, children's playroom etc. Professionals at Cityhome then go into the database and do some extensive research to come up with proposals that match your requirements to the last detail. A proposal is thus created with atleast 3-5 properties around the desired location with description, details and photos which will be sent to you for evaluation.

Step 3.  — Welcome Pakage

Move2cn's welcome package starts with your arival at Shanghai.
1.Airport Pick-up, Hotel Check-in and Other Assistance.
2.Getting Familiar with Facilities such as International Hospitals, International Schools, Expat Communities, Social Clubs, Fitness centers, kids club, Language Centers, Cultural Exchange societies etc.
3.Tour of International malls, departmental stores, imported food market, furniture stores etc.
4.Provide other relevant information on Finance centers, embassies, chambers of Commerce, Transportation, social functions and other attractions in Shanghai.
5.Tips on Entertainments & Recreations.
6.Providing Comprehensive Introductory Materials and Welcome Gift Package.
7.City tour.
8.Cultural Exchange programs.
9.Interactions with existing clients.
10.Move2cn also offers 24/7 support services and other asistance if and when required.

Step 4.  — Property Hunt/Inspection

Move2cn offers one of the largest database of residential properties all around Shanghai. We focus on most Popular areas with variety of housing options such as Renovated Old apartments, Modern Apartments, Condos, Servicecd Apartments, Lane / Town houses and Modern Villas. Our mammoth of a database will provide you with various options to select from for the preliminary inspection process. Cityhome makes sure you have a full advantage on all selective properties. Sr. Consultants at Move2cn ensure a smooth and swift inspection process by following these steps: 1. Property Hunt lead by experienced Consultants strictly in accordance with the clients corporate housing policies , 2. Always will to improvise and cooperate with local agents or other agencies to the benifit of its clients, 3. Providing ample information regarding each property or unit, 4. Presenting a inspection report to the company superiors and the corporate HR to ensure service quality.

Step 5.  — Negociation

Once Move2cn finds you your desired home Negociation expert at move2cn will make an offer (which non legally binding) to let the Landlord or the party concerned know that you are interested and would like to hold the unit for a day or 2 before you see other options. Move2cn will also negociate the terms and conditions and will help you understand the lese contract. Once both parties are satisfied the signing will take place after which Move2cn will manage the contract for the rest of your tenure. Move2cn will help you conduct a through inspection of the place before check-in.

Step 6.  — Lease Management/24/7 Aftersales Service

Once the lease is signed our after sales team will take over and are available 24/7 to deal with any issues or queries you may have . Cityhome will be your liaison and will ensure issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Step 7.  — Departure Support

Departure Support would include informing the expats about the lease expiry three months in advance, send written cancellation notice to landlord, set up a walkthrough appointment with both landlord and customer before the check-out date. Make sure everything is in order and the tenants get back their deposite witout any hassel.
1.Inform the expats about the lease expiry three months in advance
2.Send written cancellation notice to landlord
3.Set up a walkthrough appointment with both landlord and customer before the check-out
4.Assist on recovering damages if there is any
5.Assit in getting back the deposite.